Our Services

  • Automation Programming

    Our team at Blacktee works with you to design intuitive user interfaces, and deploy robust, configurable code for projects ranging from single rooms to standardized global deployments.

    Our solutions not only connect and control devices but we also have the capability to integrate and automate complete building systems to provide a fully-connected "Smart Building" experience. We deliver integrated solutions for audio, video, IP, lighting, shades and even climate control.
  • Custom UI Design

    Customizing a unique solution for your organization from the ground up.

    Your system should be as unique as your business needs. Our company is focused on the user experience; we believe the quality of design has a determining influence on the success of every project. We recognize that every project is unique and each require attention to detail to arrive at the ultimate and most rewarding outcome.
  • Conferencing

    From standalone mobile stations to proactive managed support options, Blacktee offers many methods to get the most out of your conferencing solutions.

    We handle the user experience, user interface design, and development of web conferencing and online collaboration software, powered by Crestron. There are may options available in today's conferencing systems, including; browser-based applications, screen sharing, audio and video streaming, instant messaging, and more.
  • Commissioning

    Save time and money fixing small errors BEFORE they become big problems.

    Just prior to turning over the AV system to your team, we perform exacting commissioning tests to ensure your system is problem free. We ensure that your system meets your needs and performs as specified. The result is an AV system with zero defects, ready for use, and easily serviceable. With our program certification everyone wins: the client receives exactly what they expected, the integrator gets off-site faster, and there are no service calls.
  • Engineering

    We offer custom-tailored engineering solutions for all your AV needs

    We help you design, engineer, integrate and manage collaborative Audio Visual Integration (A/V Integration) projects while minimizing the bottom line. This process transforms what would otherwise be a difficult, costly and unpredictable experience into a low-stress, less expensive and predictable process.
  • Support/ Training

    Getting your system up and running is just the start

    Audio visual systems can streamline your communications, making them more efficient than ever. However; in order to utilize these solutions to their full potential, it is necessary to have proper audio visual training. We provide full project specifications and configuration information in an easy-to-follow control narrative. This documentation helps you to understand how to effectively use your automation program or conferencing system. Upon project closeout, our experts at Blacktee Systems will make sure you get the most out of these solutions through audio visual training.